Spotlight on Small Business: Different Strokes

It’s February and the lockdowns are still in full effect across Ontario. COVID case numbers have started to drop steadily, and hopefully this means we can see a return to normal living in the next few months. But for now, we are mostly still stuck indoors waiting it out. The lockdowns have hit small businesses hard, especially those that relied on people walking into a physical store for their needs. Many small, local shops have had to quickly transition to online sales in order to survive.


Online shopping is a great way for businesses to still stay afloat, and to allow people to access the products they need from the safety and comfort of their homes. But sometimes it can be tough trying to get a specific item or deal with shipping delays. At Flight Plug we totally understand how frustrating it can be to wait endlessly for a replacement bowl piece, pipe or bong if you happen to break yours. We also feel for small businesses impacted by this pandemic and want to help out in the ways that we can. For this reason, Flight Plug has teamed up with Different Strokes, a local head shop in uptown Waterloo that’s been in business for fifteen years. We purchased over $1000 in inventory at full price, in order to help lessen the impact of their store being shuttered for months on end. Different Strokes has a website and online store, and now they can continue to sell their products through Flight Plug as well. For an extra boost, and to make sure no one is kept waiting too long, we will be helping out with delivery if needed. Flight Plug drivers make the rounds daily in the KW area and we are more than happy to be able to bring our customers anything they need for the best cannabis experience.


To see what accessories Different Strokes has on offer, check them on our accessory section at We are happily committed to sending 100% of profits directly back to Different Strokes, in an effort to help them survive the lockdown. Thank you all for supporting us, and helping us support other small businesses! Together, we can get through this.

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