Canadian Man Becomes First Person Ever to Buy Cannabis With Doge Coin

A Waterloo Ontario man has become the person to officially purchase cannabis with Dogecoin. On February 8th, 2021, Christopher S completed a purchase of over 150 CAD for a half ounce of the popular strain Gelato and some Coco's edible cookies - which at the time was around 1700 Doge Coins.

The transaction was done with the Cannabis company Flight Plug Co using a brokering application called Binance. 

A Flight Plug representative told us: "We're very happy to be able to push boundaries with what we do and will remain accepting Doge Coin and are looking at including other crypto currencies as official payment methods through our site".

Who had have thought that in 2021 you can buy weed with a meme currency? It will be interesting to see if this is just a gimmick or if more and more companies will start accepting crypto as an official way to purchase. It has been recently announced that Tesla will start accepting Bitcoin as payment after a 1.5 BILLION dollar investment into the Crypto.

Whether you're buying Doge Coin or just some premium cannabis - one thing is for certain: TO THE MOON.


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